How to Launch Confetti Cannons

Handheld confetti cannons are a fairly new product to most people and for the uninitiated they do take a little explaining.

Basically they consist of:

  1. A Cardboard tube divided in two parts
  2. A compressed nitrogren cannister that propells confetti into the air
  3. Confetti (streams, metallic foil shapes or coloured paper are the most common)

Half of the cardboard tube houses the nitrogen cannister, the other half of the tube holds all the confetti. There is a seal on the nitrogen cannister that is loosened when you twister the bottom portion of the tube. When this happens the high pressure nitrogen forces the contents high into the sky. It really is quite spectacular.

Words of wisdom: Whilst the compressed is non flammable it is highly pressurized and we don’t advise firing confetti in peoples faces. A far more sensible way to use this product is to hold it overhead and aim it into the sky to get maximim ‘BOOM WOW’ effect.

How to Launch:

  1. Hold top section with left hand
  2. Hold bottom section with right hand
  3. Rotate in the direction of arrow on packaging
  4. Boom Wow!






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