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Gender Reveal Balloon

Boomwow 36inch Latex Printed He or She Gender Reveal Black Balloon 

Size: 36''

Occasion: Gender reveal,baby shower

Design: Welcome OEM


set 1: 2 pcs balloon,2 bags round confetti(blue+pink),2 bags powder(blue+pink),2 ribbons

set 2: 2 pcs balloon,2 bags round confetti(pink),2 bags powder(pink),2 ribbons

set 3: 2 pcs balloon,2 bags round confetti(blue),2 bags powder(blue),2 ribbons


Make the announcement of your baby's gender by popping the balloon at your gender reveal party! Capture the beautiful moments when the confetti flies out from the balloon. Blue or Pink? What do you think? 

Customize the wordings on the balloon - He or She?; Boy or Girl?; We're getting a little..; It's a.. etc

Gender Reveal Balloon - A 36inch Giant Black Perfectly Round Latex Balloon filled with Blue OR Pink Confetti and dressed with Blue and Pink tassels tails. The 36inch Giant Black Balloon will conceal the rectangle confetti color until you pop it!