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Silver+White Push Pop Confetti


Boomwow Sliver+White Metallic Push Pop Party Poppers Confetti 

Contents: Paper slips,Foil slips,Mixed

Colors: White,Red,Green,Blue,Yellow ,Pink,orange,Gold,Silver,Mixed

Size: 18*5cm

Packing: 144pieces/carton

Gross weight: 12kg/carton 

Occasion: New years eve parties, weddings, graduation, gender reveal party, birthday party


ASSORTED COLORS: Popper springs out brightly assorted confetti excitement when the bottom is twisted.

PARTY FAVOR: The poppers add an exciting, fun element to your party events and get-together every time.

KID FRIENDLY: No fireworks or explosive substances are needed to fire the confetti popper.

TWIST AND POP: Twist the poppers base and out comes the confetti with loads of joy and excitement.

FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY : Everyone can get in on the party popping excitement with the fun favors.

UNIVERSAL: Compatible with all kids and family festivities it makes the perfect party accessory.

AGES 3 AND UP: Perfect for beginners who really just want to get in on the fun popping excitement.

SPECIFICATIONS: - Indoor | Outdoor -Gender Reveal- Birthday - Wedding - Graduation - Bridal Shower - Surprise Party - Holidays.