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Led Candle Lotus Water Lantern

Boomwow Floating Lotus Flower LED Water Lantern For wishing 

Size: 103x60x38cm

Packing: 150pcs/ctn; 72pcs/ctn; 50pcs/ctn; 32pcs/ctn.

Carton Dimension(cbm): 60x40x40cm/47x40x30cm/47x40x22cm/47x40x18cm

Weight: 16kg/8kg/6kg/4.5kg

Description: Each wrapped with an opp bag, including one big four-color printed user’s manual.

Available color: White/Red/Blue/Green/Pink/Purple/Yellow/Orange/

Black/Grey/Mint Green/Peach/Dark Blue/Metallic Gold/Metallic Silver.

Simple designs or logo with one or two colors can be printed on each

single lantern.


Decorate your pool or pond with a selection of attractive floating flower lanterns.

This one is a bright and fresh yellow color.

Lanterns for the water create a magical atmosphere and are a great way to utilize an otherwise neglected space at parties and events. The LED variety is bright and wind proof with a long life battery making it perfect for setting up at the start of the night and leaving it going right till the end. Great for hawaiian themed parties and anytime you want a splash of color at your party.